"he didn’t appreciate that at all" (x)

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I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole..

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Video Games (Lana Del Rey Cover)


this is all i care about. he doesn’t even change the pronouns i’m in love

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Leo Taylor // Tribute Vid // Over My Head

So, I guess an Anon requested me to do this challenge where I make a 5 minute video in an hour or something like that. I probably took longer and the video is shorter but oh well. Anyways, the anon also requested it to be based off of Leo Taylor from Area 11. So here’s my short, kind of dumb, tribute video of Leo Taylor.

Also to mention that I posted it here, instead of YT, is to avoid any copyright claims. But if anyone wants to post it up, I’ll be happy to send it to you<message me. (as long as you credit me of course) But yeah, like it, hate it, tweet it to him, IDK, do whatever you want with this- don’t steal it of course…

(I do not own any audio or footage in this video)

(Inspired by this video)

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After three nuggets you are feeling full?

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Reasons why I love the Prop Hunt series on the main channel

1) Lewis and Hannah being darlings
2) Sjin being so gullible with Hat Films and Sips’ fake pun hints
3) Simon fucking up and glitching into the ground every round
4) Hat Films being dorks
5) The fact that only Hat Films and Sips understand the taunts

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These are some Area 11 lyric photo edits I did. I know moonquest is Yogscast as well but sparkles* sang the music and that’s enough for me. I am doing more now and will post those soon.

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